From individual Counselling Psychology clients

'Jude is a great listener and truly professional about her work.  She's helped me get through a challenging time in my life and I now feel better equipped to deal with tough times going forward.  I can only recommend her professional help.' A

'You seemed to understand and want to help right from the beginning.  I felt comfortable with you and was able to say things that I've never said out loud before.' J

‘Thank you for all your help.’ S

‘Words can’t express how grateful I am to you for being there for me… I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt before and that is thanks to all your support and guidance.’ C

‘Thank you so much for helping me come to terms with my life’s troubles, you came into my life at a perfect time and I will always be very grateful to you.’ J

‘Thank you very much for your support over the year.’ S

‘Thank you for all your support, it’s made me realise that I am a strong person and it has been good to talk about things.’ T

‘Thank you for your time and patience!’ L

‘May your future patients be as happy as you’ve made me.’ D

‘I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you’ve provided. You really are an angel.’ R

'I felt very comfortable at all my appointments and I think that is key to a successful therapy plan.' K

Developing Parenting Skills workshops Autumn 2015, Spring 2016 and Autumn 2017

‘Would recommend it to every parent! Many things will start you thinking about issues/reasons that didn’t cross your mind before.’

‘I very much enjoyed the course and the group.’

‘I enjoyed learning new things, especially when it helps me be a better mom.’

‘I really enjoyed hearing so many different stories and perspectives – realising how similar our experiences have been – and how normal!’

'I enjoyed listening to others' experiences... and realising that I am not alone.'

'Loved it!'

'The course helped me understand my emotions.'

'I learnt a lot about myself and what emotional triggers resonate with me and how to deal with them in times of conflict with my kids or partner.'

'Great, thought provoking, stimulating!'

'Very interesting - lots of insights that I wouldn't reach on my own.'

'I really enjoyed this course.  It was a gift just to have the time to think and reflect.'

Workshop for staff of the British International School of Stavanger (BISS), on Adolescent Mental Health, August 2015

‘A very clear presentation.’

‘I most enjoyed being bought up to date with recent research.’

‘This has broadened my perspective on many important issues for adolescents, vitally increased my awareness and given me confidence to act and reflect.’

‘Please come again.’

‘Very interesting.’

‘I thought the workshop was well paced and structured. It was set at a level that was informative and easy to follow with good use of team exercises.’

Presentation for International Network Norway (INN) on Preparing for the Unexpected, November 2014 and May 2015

‘Thank you for your very interesting presentation.’

‘Information like this can help us cope with difficult situations.’

‘It was very useful, to deal with the unexpected with oneself and as a family with children.’