Relationship or couple counselling is aimed at supporting you to overcome challenges, and to promote secure functioning in your relationship.  Couples seek counselling for many reasons, including issues to do with time, sex, money and children.  

Many couples come to counselling at a time of crisis, others come when they find themselves in a difficult period of life and they need support, such as the transition to a new country, after one partner has been made redundant or unfaithful, or for support to manage different roles in the family.  

Starting counselling

When you first contact me about counselling as a couple I will offer you an appointment time for a first session at my practice at the Tasta Helseloft. I will send you details of how to find the Helseloft and confirm the appointment date and time.

The first session lasts for 2 hours and we will think together about what has bought you for counselling and about how your relationship is functioning.  We will make a plan of how regularly and for how many sessions we will meet, which will depend on your needs, and which we can review as we progress.