‘Would recommend it to every parent!’


Yesterday was the final session of the Spring 2016 Developing Parenting Skills course, and we finished with a very thoughtful discussion on parenting as a team, along with a wonderful selection of international snacks and treats bought in by the lovely participants!

A few of the really positive comments I received as feedback:

  • ‘I very much enjoyed the course and the group.’
  • ‘I enjoyed learning new things, especially when it helps me be a better mom.’
  • ‘I really enjoyed hearing so many different stories and perspectives – realising how similar our experiences have been – and how normal!’
  • ‘Would recommend it to every parent! Many things will start you thinking about issues/reasons that didn’t cross your mind before.’

I’ve put together a selection of the resources that we used on the course, or which I referred to, which can be found here, along with a selection of books on parenting and child development which were recommended by participants on this course, the previous course, and members of the Stavanger International Parents Facebook page. Thank you to everybody who contributed the names of parenting books, blogs or websites which they have actually found helpful, rather than anxiety inducing!

I’ve also been posting links about children’s mental health on the Counselling Psychology Stavanger Facebook page, to tie in with the UK’s Children’s Mental Health Week, which was in February. Here are the links again:

Young Minds Matter

Tips to build children’s resilience

Understanding childhood – key stages in your child’s emotional development from birth to adulthood

Talking to your children about mental health

How to help children and young people be more digitally resilient