Beginnings and endings

  The beginnings or endings of relationships are frequently what bring people to therapy: births, deaths, divorce, separation or relocations can also be important in what brings the therapy relationship to an end. Much has been written about the importance of beginnings and endings in therapy, today however, is the end of this stretch of my life as a counselling psychologist and the beginning of the next stage of my life, as I start my maternity leave and await the arrival of my second child. Every career has ups and downs, and the time I have spent working in private practice in Stavanger has been a real high. I have met many interesting, well travelled and thoughtful people, at all stages of their lives and relationships, and working in such an internationally diverse community has provided so much to think about.


Thank you to all the clients, colleagues, friends and family who have supported my work.  I will be back, just watch this space!