Back to school!

On Friday I was back at the British School in Stavanger to talk to the MYP assembly about looking after their mental health.  It's a long time since I've stood at the front of the assembly hall and I was just a little bit nervous!  However, the students were incredibly receptive, answering questions and volunteering suggestions with great enthusiasm and I really enjoyed the morning.  At the end of the session I asked students to write suggestions, on coloured paper, of how they could look after their own mental health, or how they could support a friend and to stick them on the wall on their way out.  The results are in the photo below - they had some great ideas and I hope that the chatter I could hear as students left the hall means there are some new conversations about mental health happening. It was also lovely to meet some of the students who had further questions, and a few aspiring psychologists looking for career advice!

MYP students' suggestions of how to look after their mental health.