Adolescent mental health - some great links!

A few to be going on with, more to follow soon... A fantastic guide for young people about looking after their mental health, from Rethink.

Stem4 a UK based charity raising awareness  of commonly occurring mental health issues in teenagers.  A great resource for teenagers and their parents and teachers, with lots of information about identifying mental health problems and what to do next.

The Site is another UK based organisation providing young people with a 'guide to the real world'.  There is a huge amount of information about mental health, relationships, school stress, and more.

Young Minds, more great information for young people and their parents and teachers.  Particularly worth a look is the Headmeds section 'straight talk on mental health medication' for young people.  This is information which can be tricky to find, so this is a great resource.

Professor Sarah Jayne Blakemore talks about the 'Mysterious Workings of the Teenage Brain' in this fascinating TED talk - well worth a look to find out what is going on in there!

Another TED talk, this time by Carol Dweck, an American Psychologist, on the Growth Mindset - this is the theory that no trait is fixed, we can all grow, change and improve.  Really inspiring.