Books of the Month!

I'm excited to introduce a new feature which I've been running for a few months now on my Facebook page - Book of the Month.  

One of my favourite things to do when I have a bit of quiet time is to sit with a cup of tea and a good book. I've always got a few on the go, shelves full of books at home plus the boxes still in storage in the UK, years after we left. I'm frequently asked for  recommendations on different topics so thought I'd start a regular 'Book of the Month' post which will tie in with the month's theme on my Facebook page. The book will be on a broadly psychological subject (a pretty wide scope!) and might be one I've read recently, an old favourite or something recommended to me, which is sitting on my 'to read' pile.  

If you've got any recommendations, please let me know!  

The first month's book was The Emotionally Resilient Expat by Linda Janssen, a fantastically useful one for anybody who is currently, is planning to, or who used to be an 'expat', or anybody with an expat in the family. A thoughtful and practical guide to how to 'Engage, adapt and thrive across cultures.' 

The second book was Left to Their Own Devices - Confident Parenting in a World of Screens by Katharine Hill.  Technology brings such wonderful possibilities, not least FaceTiming friends and family around the world, but how do we manage technology as a family so that we can all thrive? This book is a practical guide to tackling those challenges, whether you've got a newborn or a teenager.

This month's book is  'Mindset: Changing the Way you Think to Fulfil your Potential' by Carol Dweck. This book has been a bestseller for several years, exploring Dweck's research on the two mindsets, Fixed and Growth, and how they impact us, our learning and our ability to be the person we want to be. It's had a huge impact in education and business, as well as being relevant to relationships and parenting. Enjoy!